Core Process


Our core process has been fine-tuned over the last 15 years and typically consists of a high-speed quantitative and qualitative review of the current state, IT Road Mapping, solution design, creation and management of RFPs, implementation oversight, and ongoing support/customer experience management.  That said, we customize and tailor our engagements to each individual client – meeting them where they are regarding IT maturity, staffing and always acting as an overlay as opposed to a go-between with any existing processes, relationships and/or vendors.


We have extensive experience working with large enterprise organizations with a myriad of competing priorities, and as such our engagements are designed to be as low-touch as possible. Our team is nimble – quickly enrolling and aligning with the various IT stakeholders, complimenting existing workflows and building out resources where they’re wanted and needed.


We spend time learning about the business vision of the organization and draw from business context data to better understand how the IT vision has been derived – so that we can embody said vision in everything that we do. Whether we’re building out a full Road Map or focusing on a specific initiative, this comprehension ensures that as we design and implement various technology solutions, we’re always translating the results back into how it is propelling the business forward.

Where we’d add the most value:

  • Complex, Multi-location organizations – Mid-Market to Enterprise
  • Rapid growth and/or M&A
  • Campus-based IT evaluations
  • New Executive leadership
  • Restructuring and/or companies seeking working capital
  • Technology Due-diligence and/or Newly Acquired Portfolio companies
  • Healthcare, retail/consumer, financial, tech
  • Companies with disparate vendors, systems and processes

ASO Framework


High-level Business Objectives​
Vision for IT & Technology​
Data Collection & Discovery​
IT Strategy Module (Optional)​
Audit & Inventory Analysis


Initial Savings Recommendations​
Valuable Business Intelligence​
Go-Forward Strategy​
DI IT Road Map & Advanced Project


Execute Initial Savings Recommendations​
Enact Immediate Stages of IT Road Map​
RFP Management​

Key Differentiators:

  • On the qualitative side, we spend time with business leaders, end-users and various IT stakeholders to better understand the company’s business vision, drawing from business context data to business context, company/IT vision and to determine how we can best support the organization and ensure that any solutions we consider are in alignment with their high-level goals – even if we’re not building out the IT Road Map itself.
  • On the quantitative side, our team analyzes bills, Customer Service Records (CSR’s) and contracts – scanning for errors, mis-billings and contract variances.  We provide a complete audit and analysis of the existing IT environment (or whatever subset is agreed to in the SOW) – perfect for PE Due-Diligence or new executives looking to get a lay of the land. The key differentiator for us here is that we pass along 100% of the savings and efficiencies we create (unlike other companies that do parts of what we do and take 30%+). This reduction OpEx can be re-directed to other strategic initiatives, or put to the bottom line to enhance Enterprise Value.
  • We all know that getting various solutions installed is where the rubber meets the road, and as such we provide expert Project Management (PMP) and implementation for every engagement – included in our core offering.
  • Disruptive Innovations has a track record of creating anywhere from 20-60% reduction in Operating Expense, while simultaneously upgrading and optimizing the IT environment. 
  • The firm is designed to be nimble and we can customize our process & support model per a given client’s IT Maturity.
  • Clients most often choose to move forward with our core process under our deferred compensation model – whereby other than a highly competitive up-front fee for our assessment (that can be further discounted post-implementation), we look to absorb the vast majority of our fees and waive on-going consulting and project management costs.

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