Customer/Patient Experience (CX/PX) Optimization Module

The Amazon Effect

Disrupting the CX Across All Industries

Companies like Amazon have been disrupting the Customer Service world and changing the way consumers want to interact with the brands they patronize for years now, but COVID has made new CX/PX models a necessity in order for organizations to stay competitive in today’s market.

Digital channels are being brought to the forefront of how consumers engage with their producers and creating a great CX/PX requires a customer-centric mindset.

Customers now expect an easy and efficient experience – whereby they can easily access the product/service they’re looking for and/or seamlessly receive the guidance/support they need from organizations they trust.

Companies that haven’t taken a step back to re-evaluate their CX/PX are racing to meet these elevated expectations – especially as they compete with new organizations that were built from the ground up with a “cloud-first” mentality. Today, so much of the customer journey can be virtualized, and the various digital interactions over the course of the customer experience lifecycle (acquisition, engagement, execution, support) are critical for remaining competitive in today’s day in age.

Similar to many of DI’s modules, the CX/PX Optimization module starts with a deep understanding of the organization’s current vision, strategy, priorities and challenges.


Codify risks tied to workloads’ cloud suitability.

Next, we dive into the (4) Pillars of CX Excellence:

Current staff/resources, training & performance management protocols


Current procedures, call/contact flows, work flows, business processes, etc.


Deep-Dive into existing technologies & features


KPI’s, reporting, analytics and insights

The CX/PX Optimization module works to define the existing Customer Experience Lifecycle and then implement a Framework for getting to the desired the Future State.

Expected Outcomes


  • Achieving consistency among different channels/business units.
  • Availability and providing prompt responses across platforms.
  • Measuring and improving one-call resolution, reduced hold times and other KPI’s.
  • AI-based Level-1 Interactions.
  • Embracing Omni-Channel, Social Media, other digital interactions.
  • Consolidated Operations (but not necessarily physical consolidation).
  • Build brand through exceptional CX/PX.
  • Integration into CRM, ERP, EHR or other business critical applications dramatically improves the employee’s ability to serve the customer.


  • Growing market share.
  • Retaining appointments and creating unified visibility across entire network.
  • More effectively managing referrals/transfers across the enterprise.
  • Timely collection of revenue.
  • Gaining economies of scale by leveraging a larger pool of cross-trained agents.
  • Eliminating inefficient processes.
  • Aligning customer contacts more appropriately with employee’s skillset.
Steps to Success

The Journey to CX/PX Excellence

The longest journey starts with a single step, and our team looks to guide clients down the path to Customer Experience excellence in phases.

  • Foundational :
    Capabilities enable more effective contact handling, reporting, and management of contact center functions.
  • Optimized
    Capabilities continue to mature, making the operations more efficient and effective at generating a return on the investment.
  • Next Generation
    With well-defined and implemented contact handling capabilities in place, differentiating capabilities (e.g., mobile, kiosk, video) enable a robust servicing model and can provide a competitive and differentiated patient experience.

Let us help you re-imagine what technology can do for your business.

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