CXM & On-Going Managed Services

Orchestrate a Winning Customer Experience Strategy 

Customer Experience Management is a critical aspect of modern business. At Disruptive Innovations, we employ our Customer Experience Optimization Module to help them optimize the CX they deliver to their customers, but it is just as important for us to do the same for our clients. After all, we’re not the type of organization that simply looks to fulfill a SOW and move on – part of our mantra is to work to cultivate 30+ year relationships with all of the clients we serve.

CXM Benefits:

  • Strive to be ‘of-service’ in everything that we do and provide a seamless experience across all departments.
  • Always act as an overlay and never a go-between/disruptor of existing systems/processes
  • Provide visibility and accountability utilizing cloud-based Project Management software and other tools.
  • Provide extensive resources, while remaining nimble and quick to respond.
  • Personalize the Experience and customize our support to augment the client’s existing workflow(s)
  • Host internal and customer-facing reviews for each stage of the Customer Lifecycle, thus improving overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Always go above and beyond.

We will receive input from all key client team members and DI stakeholders to enlighten the entire organization to the importance of our CX objectives and generate momentum across all departments, all to spark change and continual progress. 

On-Going Managed Services

In addition to the inherent CXM, Account Management and On-Going Lifecycle Management services Disruptive Innovations includes as part of our core offering (at no additional expense to our clients), we are also able to design unique support packages tailored to our clients’ specific needs.


Be it a Tier-2/Tier-3 Help-Desk, Cisco-certified engineering resources or a Data Warehousing Architect, we can custom-build a model to best assist your organization.

Let us help you re-imagine what technology can do for your business.

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