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Our executive leadership team pride themselves on being on the bleeding edge of technology. It is our responsibility to our clients to be thought-leaders – catalysts of “disruptive innovation”.

Inevitably, data is knowledge and knowledge is power – and through our partnerships, we are helping clients translate their existing data into value. If you can help a company mine and process data, you can provide the key to its growth and success. Many companies do not even realize the value of the data they’re sitting on – often times it is considerably more valuable than their core product/service itself.

In healthcare, we can even leverage anonymized data to better understand geographical and population-based distinctions to drive positive business outcomes.

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We’re rolling out Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to automate labor intensive processes for our clients and are using data to teach the AI industry-specific knowledge.


Wearables are huge right now (particularly in healthcare) and 5G is going to change the game once it’s ready for prime-time.


In any case, disruptive innovation requires a solid foundation built on a comprehensive IT/Cloud Strategy – touting buzzwords and simply purchasing software will not do it.

The 3 Ways - Creating a Culture of Experimentation & Continuous Learning

While “The 3 Ways” are referred to as principles underpinning DevOps (originally cited in the book ‘The Phoenix Project’ by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford), we believe they can be applied to creating the culture required for Disruptive Innovation.

The First Way

The first way looks to analyze the overall performance of the entire system – as opposed to looking at the functionality of different business units and departments in silos. To disrupt and optimize, you must first understand the entire lifecycle from the first client-facing interaction – through all internal processes – all the way to retention-based activities.


The First Way lines up with our core focus of taking time to understand the business vision of the organization and drawing from business context data collected to align with the IT Vision/Mission of the organization. An understanding of how the organization flows from left to right (in our application – from the first interaction with the customer to the delivery of the product/service – downstream to retention/follow-up activities) helps us to better understand how IT enables each business unit. Once we understand the workflow, we’re able to focus on finding the bottlenecks and eliminating defects that ultimately effect the delivery of the product/service to the client. In short, we look to ensure that the workflow of the organization is optimized and automated wherever possible.

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The Second Way

The second way is about creating feedback loops. In our experience, creating proper feedback loops (within IT, between various departments and IT, between the customer and IT, etc.) enable IT to continually improve service delivery and sales enablement. Large-scale digital transformation initiatives typically require a commitment to Quality Management (QM) and Organizational Change Management (OCM). The first-hand knowledge gained from feedback loops can be reapplied to the organizations’ various processes and the communication also serves to make people feel heard (which increases morale). Enrolling the various stakeholders in the possibilities of a new solution and then following up to get their insight is a crucial strategy.

The Third Way

Leading out of the commitment to QM and OCM, the Third Way is about creating a culture that fosters continual experimentation and an understanding that repetition and practice are the keys to mastery. Implementing most global digital transformation initiatives that are truly meant to change the way a company does business stand to disrupt things within the organization and it’s important to try to cultivate a philosophy where this is accepted and encouraged. It is obviously important to control this experimentation (e.g. POC/test environments, off-hours go-lives, etc.), but proper innovation requires experimentation.

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Advanced Business Applications & Custom Integrations

Through our strategic partnerships, our team can also support with complex software roll-outs including SAP, Salesforce, EPIC, and more. We have engineering resources on-deck to support in building custom apps and integrations – tying together your key cloud-applications via API’s, optimizing your workflow(s) and transforming your business.


Disruptive Innovations is your trusted consultancy on your mission to digitally transform your business.


We are always seeking new, industry-specific, innovative technology solutions for our clients. If you have a solution you’d like to discuss with us, feel free to visit our Partnerships tab to get in touch or drop us a line via chat.

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