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While Technology is Continuously Embedded in Today’s Enterprise, IT Strategy Hasn’t Kept Pace

Uncover Key Elements

IT’s Success is Dependent on Having a Deep Understanding of the Business 

Traditionally, IT has been seen as a separate, isolated support function. As such, IT strategy creation often happened in isolation and without a good understanding of the business. But, that’s no longer an option. The business must see IT as a value generator – not just a cost center. A clear link must be established to show how the IT strategy supports the business. Our process contains activities to discover and document the details IT needs from the business to build an IT strategy.

A Bright Future

Our Process is Designed to Create a Road Map that Moves IT from the Current State to the Target State

Reaching the target state is the ultimate goal of an organization, accomplished via the completion of initiatives. By uncovering the current state and the ideal target state, a roadmap can be created to chart initiatives and achieve the organization’s goals.

What’s the purpose of DI’s IT Strategy Module?

  • Help to organize IT’s financial, technical, and human resources around business value, and provide oversight to manage risks.
  • Affect how IT decisions are made.
  • Prioritize IT initiatives to recognize dependencies and synergies.
  • Improve alignment between the business and IT, and among IT stakeholders internally.
Key Components:
  • Understanding of the business – Where the business is headed and how it will get there.
  • Summary of the target state – What we want the future of IT to look like.
  • Summary of the current state – What IT currently looks like.
  • Roadmap to get from the current state to the target state – The path to achieve the future state of the IT department.

Things don’t just happen; great CIOs make them happen. They build and implement business-aligned IT strategies.

– Reynold Lewke, William Barton Rogers Society
(Source: Forbes, 2003)

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