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Understanding Business Context is Essential to Create IT Strategy

Traditionally, IT has been seen as a separate, isolated support function. As such, IT strategy creation often happened in isolation and without a good understanding of the business. But, that’s no longer an option. The business must see IT as a value generator – not just a cost center. A clear link must be established to show how the IT strategy supports the business. Our process contains activities to discover and document the details IT needs from the business to build an IT strategy.
Identify the Implications of the Business Context on IT

Evaluate Each Aspect that Affect IT Strategy to be Ready

A compelling strategy proves more than IT’s contribution to business objectives. It details what needs to get done and when. The seven perspectives to consider are: people, process, technology, data, sourcing, location, and timing.
Every Metric is Important

Components of IT Strategy Scope


Breadth of the IT strategy- It can span across the seven perspectives: People, Process, Technology, Data, Process, Sourcing, Location, and Timing to ensure its actionable


The depth of coverage- Refers to the level of detail that the IT strategy will go into for each perspective


Organizational coverage- It will determine which part of the organization the IT strategy will cover.


Planning Horizon- It will dictate when the target state should be reached and roadmap for it.

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