Network Performance Assessment

Generating Value

Performance Visibility is a Critical Stake for Your Business

As more and more applications move to the cloud, understanding performance has never been more important. Digital transformation is driving the need for increased visibility and adapting is critical.

A Pervasive Enterprise Problem

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IDG Research Services
are suffering from degraded business applications
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of the time IT organizations learn about performance problems from end users
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of performance issues take more than a month to resolve or are never resolved

Disruptive Innovations Network Performance Assessment monitors, down to the end user, the performance of business critical applications as they consume virtual infrastructure resources and traverse the network.


Our solution delivers unified performance monitoring visibility across the entire application and network chain, with best in class resolution and velocity. The solution is highly scalable, simple to setup and easy to use and it provides real-time, actionable insight into every platform, link, app and user across complex, multi-cloud deployments.


Advanced analytics return proven business value, unifying teams to deliver the best digital experience – particularly as we prepare for large-scale cloud roll-outs.

Addressing all the Challenges of Hybrid IT Environments
Our Network Performance solution aligns with upcoming constraints applying to enterprise IT

The Network Performance Assessment Module helps organization completely re-frame IT performance management processes. There is instant fault isolation – the application, the user, which server, when and why. The network root cause analysis covers one way latency/packet loss, microburst and a hop-by-hop analysis. The application root cause analysis includes a response time analysis application, error reporting, back-end performance, and a transaction analysis.

Solution Benefits

  • Faster incident routing (shorter MTTR)
  • Increased IT Productivity
  • Ensure Collaboration Across Silos
  • Improve User Experience & time to root cause
  • Reduce the number of performance incidents
  • Threat Detection & Investigation
  • Optimize Cloud Migrations

Clients can elect to leverage the Network Performance Assessment Module for a set period of time (for example, in preparation for a cloud roll-out) or can maintain the solution and dashboard on an on-going basis.

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