PE Due Diligence

Process Overview

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Disruptive Innovations’ PE Due-Diligence Module is used by Private Equity firms to assess the viability of a potential acquisition. The module can be used for net-new acquisitions, or for evaluating a potential integration with existing portfolio companies. Our team of experts evaluate a given organizations technology products and platforms, IT Functions (People, Process, Technology & Methodology), costs and potential security concerns (risks & vulnerabilities) to better understand whether the transaction makes sense. In the case of a potential merger, the deliverables also include an assessment of all potential synergies, as well as a merger thesis.

Our Approach:

Key Deliverables

Current State Assessment

Assessment of Technology Platform and IT Function at each component company

Comparative Assessment

Normalized side-by-side assessment of capability and fit of each component and company function with future technology needs

Future State Model(s)

Recommendations regarding "go-forward" technology strategy and roadmap for integrated company

Synergy Assessment

Estimation of annual cost savings potential from technology synergy opportunities

Issue Resolution Plan

Identification of key issues requiring future assessment and recommended next steps in completing technology integration planning

Security Assesment, PEN Test & Social Engineering

Identification of key security concerns, risks and vulnerabilities and recommended next steps for mitigating risks

Steps to Success

Key Requirements for Execution Success

  • Re-baseline demand (requirements, categories), supply (resourcing, skills, cost), and productivity targets (response, resolution)
  • Agree KPIs, definition, format, tools/process to measure & report
  • Demand/install experienced leaders (replace existing if necessary)
  • Make program success their personal mission = few, simple, unambiguous objectives, accountabiliies, incentives/rewards
  • Formalize a detailed, operational turn-around plan with ambitious, clear-cut, realistic, mutually committed milestones, and stick to it
  • Define clear rules of play (strong-form management cadence)
  • Enact strong-form management cadence: Review facts, make decisions (e.g. ARCs/RRCs, penalties), execute; repeat
  • Reinforce through (E)LT commitment, oversight, coaching, support
  • Exhibit/demand/encourage full command of fact base at all times, tenacious attention to detail, relentless execution, process discipline
Experts in Organizational Change Management

A successful integration must also account for proper OCM levers and interventions. Disruptive Innovations analyzes the impacts and custom-tailors an integration plan for the organization:

Business Impact Management

Proactively identifying and managing clearly defined impacts to the Business and IT

Stakeholder Engagement

Proactively identifying and managing clearly defined impacts to the Business and IT

Change Strategy & Implementation

Tailoring, scaling, and implementing a fact- based OCM strategy and plan

Culture & Leadership

Setting cultural direction and building effective leadership and sponsorship

Organization Design & Performance Management

Equipping and engaging key stakeholders to accelerate commitment and adoption


Ensuring accurate timeline communication to provide clear expectations, instructions and motivation to all stakeholders

Readiness & Adoption

Measuring readiness and taking action to accelerate speed and level of adoption

Outcome Management

Linking people- and process- performance to achievement of ROI

Our (3) Measurable OCM Integration Goals


Business & IT Leadership and the combined workforce take appropriate ownership for ensuring success

Adoption & Commitment

People performing new processes/roles using new systems and tools are skilled and committed to successful uptake


Jobs descriptions, performance metric and rewards are aligned to required new behaviors and outcomes

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