Security Assessment Module

Cyber Resiliency

Is Your Company at Risk?

With digital business and technology evolving exponentially year-over-year, it has never been more important to understand your vulnerabilities. Just as technology solutions become more innovative, so do the hackers and the means they use to attack businesses.


Various threats to web applications, user accounts, administrator accounts and full infrastructure compromise can lead to financial loss, reputational damage, data loss and most importantly, loss of clients’ trust. Cyber Resiliency Hardening of a business involves far more than throwing tools at a SOC, responding to alerts, and buying cyber insurance. Cyber Resiliency addresses every thread in the tapestry of an organization, and must, because a cyber attacker only needs to find one loose thread to unravel Business Continuity


Disruptive Innovations’ Security Assessment includes an automated vulnerability scan with DarkNet assessment for lead or compromised accounts and a full organization OSINT to provide the management team with detailed report of findings to help understand how attackers see organization from outside. We also employ extensive manual activities to demonstrate how an adversary could exploit vulnerability findings (for both Internal and External networks).

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Increases in productivity for end users by taking advantage of the latest vendor offerings

Security Assessment Deliverables

  • Proofs of successful vulnerability exploitation
  • Vulnerability exploit procedures, references and sources
  • Recommendations for closing vulnerabilities and technical references
  • Presentation for management and video for development team
In addition to Disruptive Innovations’ initial Security Assessment, through our partnerships (with Gartner Magic-Quadrant leading, best-of-breed solution providers) we have access to a full suite of products/services for remediation, end-point management and on-going SOC services.

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