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Where you’re employing our Cloud Strategy Module to develop your over-arching vision for your future state, or designing a specific cloud-based solution via our core process, Disruptive Innovations can help you navigate the ever-changing waters of the cloud ecosystem. Benefits of cloud computing include scalability, security features, storage options, accessibility, reduction in equipment cost, and ease of user collaboration.

“renting” only the server hardware and a small amount of software (the hypervisor) to host your application’s virtual machine (VM), where the VM consists of the operating system, associated system software, and the application itself.


Platform as a Service, the cloud provider maintains all system software, all that the enterprise needs to focus on is deploying its code on the PaaS machines. Typically, our clients end up employing a “hybrid” environment, whereby the right type of infrastructure and/or cloud compute is implemented for the given application or workload.


All the World’s Leading SaaS Providers at Your Fingertips

Disruptive Innovations also makes it simple for you to find, buy, manage and implement the right software, services, and tools for your success.
We have access to thousands of solutions from brands you already know, trust and depend on. Disruptive Innovations can help you drive productivity and collaboration with a powerful toolset including single sign-on, directory integration, productivity suite(s), user management, and much more.
Not only can we support your organization in sourcing your cloud solutions at the most competitive rates in the industry, our team can support in creating a unified experience for your end-users across your cloud environment and help you manage the entire stack behind one single-pane of glass
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