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Designed with your customers and agents in mind, our exceptional contact center consulting services enable brands to have memorable, meaningful interactions with their customers and/or patients. Count on us for: 


  1. Smarter Self-Service 
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Intelligent Routing 
  4. Completely Connected Employees
  5. Strategic Application Integrations
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      Flexibility Matters

      Enable An Adaptive Delivery Model

      CCaaS has reinvented customer care and dramatically changed consumers’ expectations. Companies still relaying on legacy technologies are being shut out as customers shift to competitors who provide preferred channels of communication, such as web chat and SMS. Our network CCaaS solution providers enable customer service organizations to manage multichannel customer interactions holistically from both customer-experience and an employee-experience perspective.
      Seamless Application Integration

      Manage Multichannel Customer Interactions Holistically

      “As a Service” models decrease time spent on patching, upgrades, and application refreshes, minimize soft costs and increase the efficiency of internal communications. With CCaaS, connectivity to other cloud-based applications is made easier, consumption is paid for via monthly subscription, and there is a stronger focus on service capabilities. Don’t let an outdated phone system or contact center stand in the way of your company’s KPIs.

      Create Better Customer Outcomes with us!

      Expect Disruptive Innovations to build the right workflow to deliver a satisfying experience. We are here to get the results you deserve. We can help you: 


      1. Route customer calls to the right agents 
      2. Speed up outbound dialing 
      3. Trigger pre-recorded voicemails 
      4. Switch seamlessly between voice, video, SMS, and chat
      Your Path to the Future

      CCaaS Features & Capabilities

      With today’s CCaaS solutions, our clients are taking advantage of next-gen features and functionality that serve to increase their competitiveness and customer satisfaction.
      Omni-Channel Engagement

      blue-dotChannel-agnostic customer service journeys
      blue-dotProactive Outreach
      blue-dotCustomer Appointment Management

      Smart Automation

      blue-dotAI, voice & digital chatbots
      blue-dotIndustry specific intelligent speech-to-text
      blue-dotCustomized/personalized customer engagement

      Empowered Staff

      blue-dotCRM/EHR Integrations & short-cuts
      blue-dotCustomized agent workspaces
      blue-dotIntegrated Workforce Management (WFM) Solutions

      Knowledge and Insight

      blue-dotSpeech analysis and analytics
      blue-dotCustomer and operational insights and recommended actions
      blue-dotIntegrated Quality Management (QM) resources

      Improve Performance with Data on Demand 

      Disruptive Innovations allow you to get insights into team productivity and gauge customer satisfaction. You can now see call analytics and customize dashboards. 


      1. Cloud-based flexibility 
      2. One-day deployment 
      3. Hassle-free IT solutions 
      4. Informed business decisions

      Reasons for Hiring CCaaS Providers 

      Low Costs

      Utilizing a third-party provider to host and manage your Contact Center tools in the cloud is sure to lower your IT costs. Once you save the capital investment in technology, your IT staff can concentrate on other projects.

      High-Quality Service

      A CCaaS solution helps the agents provide qualitatively better service. AI-powered agent assistants will help your customer service team resolve problems more efficiently.

      Flexibility & Scalability

      Once you invest in a CCaaS solution, you can rest assured that it will give your business a competitive edge in today’s customer-driven economy. It gives the flexibility to adapt to your business needs.

      Omnichannel Communication

      As most consumers seek the ability to contact companies via online chat, social media, messaging, and email, CCaaS software makes omnichannel communication a breeze.

      Employee Engagement

      Investing in a quality call center software is sure to make your service agents more proficient at resolving customer problems. There is nothing more effective than analytical tools to give the agents deeper insights into customer needs.

      Customer Insights

      The analytical tools incorporated in a CCaaS platform customer data for creating meaningful insights for more effective marketing strategies. Analyzing past customer interactions can give your business a competitive edge.

      Secure Data Storage

      As CCaaS is cloud-storage, this directs us to the fact that your data doesn’t live in one location. Multiple data locations exist, so if one data center falls, another one is here to pick the slack. Your data is being monitored all the time

      Real-Time Reporting

      CCaaS solutions tend to offer real-time operational data for all your analytical needs. CCaaS assists you in analyzing performance and statistics within a user-friendly dashboard. Creating custom reports becomes easier than ever

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      CCaaS stands for ‘contact center as a service’ and is referred to as a call center service that is hosted in the cloud instead of hosted on-premises. It is a customer experience solution that allows businesses to purchase only the technology they need. This reduces the need for eternal IT support. 

      These cloud-based applications allow individuals to access the tools on their devices from anywhere. For an inbound call center, agents can sign in to work, put on their headsets, and be ready to receive calls from customers. 

      CCaaS and unified communicvations as a service (UCaaS) are almost similar. However, the difference lies in the fact that UCaaS focuses on internal communication and CCaaS focuses on customer interaction. CCaaS enables multi-channel communication via a single cloud based platform. 

      CCaaS provides a plethora of benefits over a conventional contact center. This solution offers an enhanced customer experience. Higher productivity, scalability, and flexibility are some of the benefits of investing in CCaaS services. 

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